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HIV-AIDS Prevention

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History and Background

Since 2001, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) in Ghana have contributed to the national response to HIV and AIDS by helping community members adopt healthy behaviors and practices to stay free from infection. PCVs also promote care activities for Persons Living with HIV (PLHIV). Prevention and care activities target isolated and remote populations throughout each of Ghana's 10 regions.

Development Programs

Currently, PCVs in Ghana conduct HIV and AIDS activities that cut across each of our four major primary assignment areas:

  • Train in-school and out-of school Peer Educators
  • Form school Health or HIV Clubs
  • Conduct school-to-school sensitization and awareness activities
  • Develop life skills of in-school and out-of school youth
  • Train teachers in life skills and HIV and AIDS education
  • Incorporate HIV and AIDS information and life skills into environmental groups
  • Train PLHIV to grow develop bio-intensive, low labor gardens and grow nutritional and immune-booster plants
Small Enterprise Developement
  • Train PLHIV business and income-generating skills.
  • Develop business management and financial accounting systems for PLHIV Support Groups
Health/Water and Sanitation
  • Conduct community outreach to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS and available services
  • Counsel individuals and groups for PLHIV
  • Train caregivers of PLHIV
  • Lead 'Prevention for Positives' training
  • Link PLHIV to health centers
  • Conduct community-level anti-stigma campaigns

PC-Ghana's cross-sector approach and intense cross-cultural training enables PCVs to work as an effective grassroots component of Ghana's HIV and AIDS strategy.

President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)

Since 2008, Peace Corps/Ghana has played a key role in reducing the spread impact of HIV and AIDS through PEPFAR. Hundreds of Peace Corps Volunteers and their Ghanaian counterparts have implemented HIV and AIDS awareness activities throughout Ghana. To date, PCVs have reached nearly 100,000 individuals with HIV prevention, care and support messages.

With PEPFAR support, PCVs have successfully launched innovative HIV/AIDS awareness projects. For example, our Volunteers have worked with the highly vulnerable population of 'Kayayo' or head porter girls. These girls are susceptible to high risk behaviors as they leave their rural communities in search of income generation in urban centers. You may view a Kayayo project-related multimedia outreach campaign below.

Whether volunteers are working in the country or in a city; whether they're working on beekeeping or in a school, it's truly a profound experience to become part of another culture." Joe Dodson Current Volunteer in Ghana